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Hey guys I don't know if anyone reads these, I know I've read heaps of journals from many different deviants ;-). So I'm writing a story which kinda started out as a simple short story with a handful of characters and one major plot line, but it's now become something more...I guess in a way it's ALIVE!! *cue crazy Dr. Frankenstein impersonation*...No, no, just kidding it's started out as some project I had to do for an English class in my first year of high school, I just found it, among other things, whilst cleaning out my wardrobe the other the way Mr. Tumnus says hi! Oh and I killed the white witch for the umpteenth time, that woman just doesn't know when to stay down, but I found her weakness...candles, I lit like a million in her castle and she was all like "I'm melting, I'm melting" and then the good fairy came told me to clack together my sparkly sequinned heels (I don't remember those?!?) and say to myself there's no place like home, there's no place like home... Well anyway I'm back in my room, thinking I may have got my movies analogies a little crossed back there but just shrug it off and gave the shoes to my dog to chew on, I don't dress in drag (not my style...unless for a costume-specific event), funniest thing seeing sequins on his teeth, he be looking like a rap artist with grillz "who let the dogs out!? WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF-WOOF!"...I digress back to the story about...the story!? :-S... It was a past assignment that was basically to come up with a myth or legend about some real-life thing, like why's the earth round? Or why do we have stars in the sky?, etc, etc. and perform a play/presentation depicting the story. I decided that I'd do an origin of the earth and universe story, it was simple enough and the basic premise allowed for my six or so friends and I to create a character for each of us and a substantial role in the creation of the earth, and at the end of it all we got full marks all 'round... YAY!! :-D... I think even now looking back on it, it was a good start-off point for a story and I had hoped to turn it into a comic book, but now I think it'd be better as a visual novel/short story (short definitely not being the operative word!! When is anything ever short with me ;-P Don't read too much into that!), it may even just become a novel/short story (partly because I suck at drawing, having not done it in ages!)...I've attempted two chapters so far with about 5 more in the works, I've gone into a comfortable level of detail without being too painstaking, I hope!? I'll endeavor to finish it at some stage but for now it's just fun, I'll post up the first parts for some feedback and maybe some bouncing of ideas around? As soon as I can figure out, how on earth I can upload it here if that's even possible!?!?! (SOMEONE HELP!) :-) PLEASE! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Warmest regards Eddy ;-)


Edward/Eddy/Eddy Van Love-Meister
Hey there I'm Eddy!
I'm a huge fan of art across nearly every medium, subject matter, meaning, you name it! I wouldn't classify myself as an artist more of a hobbyist/enthusiast when it comes to art. I'm a jovial person and I never take myself too seriously, I like long walks on the beach...gee this is starting to sound like an e-harmony entry (not that I'd know, no disrespect for internet dating, I mean, whatever floats your boat, but for me it's more of a case of I've packed up my oars and sought love on solid ground, "we found love in a solid place..." Just be thankful I didn't mention anything about cats :-P. That's another thing I should mention I've attained the perfect ratio of crazy to happy to normal, I call it the SAN...sometimes, always, never ratio ;-P.
I love plants and animals of all different types and sizes and think the natural world is fascinating!
I love video games, anime, fantasy, magic, music, food, architecture, design, film-making, movies, construction, fashion, sculpture, etc. the list is endless and I'm beginning to wonder if this has a character limitation? I'll warn you now that if I comment or if you comment, expect a long reply...I love making people smile, laugh, and all-round enjoy whatever the hell it is we're doing! So I hope to be a little bit more responsive and active here and I hope you'll join me? (because who can resist the dark side ;-P) Warmest regards Eddy :-D

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